Interactive applications and Real-time 3D

Quality, Rapid 3D Visualisation for Architects
Visualisation for architectural and engineering scenes.
For interiors and exteriors, ..see the results - in real-time.
Rapid scene creation and rendering in a dynamic, real-time, interactive environment.
High quality images and video animation.
Ability to handle large scenes.
A superior weather system.  Create Sun Study animations.
Import your models from most 3D modeling and CAD tools.
Add Titles, text labels, artistic effects, 3D sounds and music.
For a complete, easy to make video and visualisation experience.
Review scenes in Real-time with clients.
Create 360 Panaoramic Scenes easily and available any device, anywhere, anytime.
Create VR Panorama images for common formats
Add rapid context and masterplan models by using OpenStreetMap to generate 3D models

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User Quotes:

“Lumion has been a Godsend for our office. We have been able to accomplish things that would previously be impossible due to time and budget constraints. And clients are responding very favorably to the richer, more immersive visualizations we are able to provide.”
(Robert A. Christman; forum comment;
[Topic: I think my obligation is to state my opinion)
“It just amazes me how easy Lumion is to use, and so much fun.
I can't believe I'm getting paid to do this stuff! ...”
(Forum User: Derekw (from: Facet Design: website. http://www.facetdesign.com.au): forum comment;
[Topic: Infinity Pool)


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We have a dedicated site for Lumion in NZ.
Product details, examples, pricing and purchase can be found at Lumion.co.nz.

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