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4Front Technologies provides software, bespoke applications and online training content.

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4Front Technologies has experience in providing quality Simulation services as well as expertise and experience in the development of products and content for Online Training, web sites and multimedia interactive content.

Development of 3D solutions is by no means a small task, and requires a process of project development to completion.  We utilise our own library of 3D templates and leading software development tools to produce 3D content, and can provide services from small single item content through to the large detailed visualisation projects.

Real-time 3D Visualisation:

- NZ Reseller of Lumion.
- Visualisation Services - creation and production of architectural visualisations.  Production of images and video animations.

Real-time 3D Simulations:

4Front Technologies designed and produced early, leading-edge 3D simulations in the NZ market.  These included:
- architectural real-time visualisation of a property development for sales and funding purposes,
- awareness of pool regulations,
- maritime museum harbour experience piloting a boat around Auckland's harbour.

Interactive Online Training:

Contract developer for the design and content creation of:
- world leading highly interactive terminal simulator for Lotteries training,
- revised training web site and page content for Lotteries training,
- computer training course with interactive simulations - The open Polytechnic of NZ.


Co-developed with stillDesign the PhysXforQuest is a full featured physics plug-in to Quest3D.  It connected the leading physics engine - PhysX from NVIDIA to one of the best 3D authoring tools available; Quest3D.

PhysXforQuest provides all the channelling, templates and samples to create 3D with physics; including rigid body, many types of joints, soft body, fluids, heightfields, particles, and vehicles.
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