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Beautiful Renders Within Reach:

Lumion 9.0 was released 5 November 2018.
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Our services range from architectural visualisations through to interactive applications, web sites and online training.

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Upgrade v9.0 released 5 November 2018.  Lumion is the leading real-time visualisation tool of choice for AEC professionals.

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See why real-time makes a difference compared to traditional methods of visualisation.  Rapid, quality results...

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Lumion web site:

Updates to Lumion website for
the release of Version 9.0 

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4Front Technologies web site upgrade:

With details of Lumion now from our dedicated Lumion web site, this site has been refreshed.

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- regular updates to our Facebook page for Lumion.

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Fast growing community.  Example images and animations. 
Regular updates of user projects show what can be done by any Architect.
Living environments. Beautiful spaces. Rendered in seconds.

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Beautiful Renders Within Reach

Lumion 9.0

Act-3D Release Lumion 9.0

Thanks to everyone who visited the Auckland Build Expo 2018.
A special thanks to all those who stopped by Stand 100 to have a chat and find out about the amazing capabilities of Lumion.  Version 9 was also released that week, double the excitement.
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